The practice, that we deepen over time, integrate the four practices of meditation, contemplation, prayer, and mantra, which all together embrace the possibility to practice in every moment, in every here and now, to make your whole life a life of meditation.

* It includes self-awareness practices.
* It includes several mantra practices;
used during meditation and contemplation, japa, ajapa japa and constant awareness.
* It includes internal dialogue and contemplation;
a process to fathom the deepest and most subtlest aspects of existence to eventually bring you to Self-realization.
* It includes a systematic meditation practice;
This includes asanas, relaxation practices, breathing practices and a systematic process to go through the mind and beyond the mind. This practice is to make the mind one-pointed and to lead it inward, so that it can directly meditation/contemplate on Tripura.

An aspirant will find out that along the way of sadhana the four practices of mantra, prayer, meditation and contemplation will merge together, converge into a single process to dive deep within during your quiet moments (of meditation/contemplation). All four practices together bring you to a constant awareness of the Non-dual Reality and its dance, while living in the world.

Having these four practices in the back of your mind while you are watching de video’s of Swami Rama or while reading his books, you will constantly encounter these vier practices. Also Swami Jnaneshvara has written a book, called ‘Summary of Practices of the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters’.
With this book in existence it is easy to give an answer to the question; what are the practice you do? It contains all the practices we do.

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Also available in print through lulu; this is a nicely printed book.
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Darren van Es